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end of the season - three scenarios

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On the last game we will either win heavily or by not many.......which, err makes it four scenariosBut we could lose or draw, though we probably cannot draw by a lot unless the other team score alot, and it has to be the same as our alotso where was I ?yes just outside of Nnorwich, errr I mean Carlislethe three scenarios therefore are we lose heavily, by not a lot or we don''t lose at all in which case the game could either be a win for us or a draw for them .....................and us, i think or maybe notthat''s assuming we are not already relegated as Adams is sacked after 15 games because of the fans not getting behind him ... as there is not much room in the Main Standso if the board ........... blah blah blah ......................... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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