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Snoddy to leave tomorrow?

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After watching a great many World Cup matches I am yet to see a goal converted from a cross from the right wing with no pace, with the left foot, which was aimed at the centre backs heads after firstly slowing the attack down to a walk giving the opposition time to regroup. In fact the only team that even played a little like that also had a manager whose name begins with ''H''. And they didn''t do too well either!

I have seen plenty of goals created by wingers who have attacked with pace, hit the goal line and pulled the ball back either on the ground or crossed quickly to a forward making a run into the box, attacking the ball.

I will, nevertheless, agree that Robert Snodgrass has some good qualities and is quite skillful but I sincerely hope, as Highland Canary seems to now, that if he plays again for us it most certainly is not on the right wing.

Snoddy won the International POTS for Scotland I believe. I also believe Gordon Strachan does not play him on the right wing.

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