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Rudolph Hucker

It isn't just about gaining promotion.

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I believe that you need horses for courses and a different player for the Championship to the Premiership in many instances, however there are players who can do a job in both leagues albeit less impactful in the Premier; such as Russell Martin, Johnny Howson, Ryan Bennett or Bradley Johnson.

We should have no problem keeping these players.

Then you have players other EPL sides want. Such as Ruddy, Olsson, Redmond, Fer or Hooper.

These, along with RVW (who has to improve) are the players we need to go back up with. We could sell but we will get purely Championship players or, if we are lucky (maybe with Lafferty and Grabban) players who can do a job as per my first list.

If we are serious about promotion we also need to keep the players who will develop and keep us in the EPL. Otherwise we will have to find huge money to replace them and that might prove a false economy.

It is clear there is little loyalty in football but this type of player will be more likely to stay if they feel they are going to be in a promotion chasing squad.

My fear is; if we sell say, a Redmond, the floodgates will open and Adams could be left with an inadequate squad or one with too many new players to bed in in time for a difficult start to the season.

It is in the balance for me right now. I wish I felt more confident in the management. If we had an experienced or personally driven manager like Lambert they would be giving the Board an ultimatum. Neil on the other hand might make few waves as his squad is sold under him.

There is a long way to go in this pre-season. I hope our Board take a two season view and at least slap price tags on our assets which mean they go for silly money or not at all.

I don''t hear any players making waves even if their agents are busy behind the scenes. It all comes down to the resolve of our Board and their decision making. They''ve got a long way to go to get their credibility back.

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