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Ron Jeremy, City fan.

The managerial interviews...

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I hope its

You''re away from home against Wigan and you''re 2-1 down in the 70th minute. Their pacy wingers in a 4-2-3-1 keep getting beyond your full backs so you''re forced to sit deep and can''t break out. What do you do next?

The Chris Hughton or Malky Mackay answer would be along the lines of ''keep compact and organised, wait til the opportunity arises to recycle possession; break and hit the channels''.

I want to hear an answer that is creatively based around the idea of withdrawing a central midfielder for a pacy striker and going 4-4-2 diamond with one CM sitting and the other box to box, creating movement through the middle of the park and forcing their wingers onto the periphery by playing a quick passing game nice and narrow. Or something like that. Not sure Hughton, Mackay et al have the nous to implement it.

Not sure I do and obviously it would have to be situation based and if I knew how to prepare / coach players for these scenarios i''d be employed as a manager instead of talking to you on here.

Point is you need a creative attacking solution for when you''re on the back foot, no matter what league you''re in.

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