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Brentwood Yellow

McNally was brought in to stop nonsense like this

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[quote user="militantcanary"]Sorry, I didn''t read your reply properly

You were expressing doubt that the Board was fundamentally split. You were correct, much to my amazement, they all even battle hardened McNally signed up for Neil Adams!![/quote]Quite. there is no evidence the board was split. Would Delia have overruled McNally days after saying how important he was? And risked him walking ? That said, you should - not in this case but generally - take these "unanimous" votes with a pinch of salt. What happens in boardrooms if there is a split is that once it has become obvious who has won then the dissenters are asked to vote Yes anyway to give the apperance of unanimity.Having now read the Mick Dennis piece, what he says entirely backs up my analysis:As is always the case, others had their agents sound Norwich out, but it

became a two-horse race between Mackay and Adams. Norwich thought

Mackay was stalling to see what other vacancies might become available

and, after the criticisms of Hughton, Mackay’s reputation for pragmatic

football was a worry. Meanwhile, Adams’ position was strengthening.The other point he makes, which is something I highlighted from Monday''s radio interview, is that there is going to be a four-person technical committee overseing the manager, of the manager, McNally, the technical director (whoever...) and the chief scout (whoever?).

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[quote user="GJP"]

[quote user="The Great Wall Of Tettey"] Can stick it all on McNally, everyone knows he wanted Malky and Lennon.[/quote]

As I''ve said on here before in recent weeks - McNally did not want Malky.


Relegation and missing out on other candidates could have maybe changed things but given a choice McNally never wanted Malky.

[/quote]It is true that several months ago McNally expressed doubts about Mackay, in the wake of the goings-on at Cardiff, with the accusations that Mackay had played fast and loose with the owner''s money.But that was when we were in the Premier League and we didn''t have a vacancy, and if there had been a vacancy then there would have been other suitable candidates. But in the here and now we didn''t have that luxury of choice.

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