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After letting this sink in...

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...it''s still very underwhelming. Let''s be honest. However, I look at my past as a Norwich fan and very few appointments have actually given me that much excitement.

I''m 28. As a Norwich fan, the first appointment I properly understood and had an informed opinion on was Nigel Worthington''s. When he left and Peter Grant came in, I felt underwhelmed. He was an unknown commodity. He wasn''t my choice.

Grant leaves. Roeder comes in. Underwhelmed again. Roeder leaves, Gunn comes in. Extremely underwhelmed. Gunn leaves (extreme happiness), Lambert comes in. Underwhelmed. I wanted Steve Coppell. How wrong would I have been there.

I guess the point I''m trying to make is that very few appointments actually set the pulse racing when you''re a fan of a side like Norwich. Ok, the appointment of Neil Lennon would''ve been the first one ever to have excited me, but for whatever reason, we didn''t fancy him. How many Liverpool fans really wanted Rodgers? How many Everton fans wanted Martinez?

Last summer, Wigan went with Owen Coyle. Seen by many as a sound appointment because he''d previously helped Burnley to promotion. Look how that turned out. Experience doesn''t always bring success. Neither does inexperience, granted. It really is just about how much someone has in their locker. How much ability Neil Adams actually has.

I''m not going to say ''let''s get behind him, it''s done now'' etc etc etc, because part of me is still in shock. After the 10 day period of hopes being raised and speculation, this is a complete let down. No two ways about it. A very un-McNally appointment.

It''s safe to say we''ll lose players we thought we''d keep. They''re not going to stay for Neil Adams, that''s for sure. I didn''t see much in those 5 games that made me believe Neil was the man. The performance at Man Utd was as bad as any away display under Chris Hughton, but Neil is the man now. A man who has to do what all inexperienced managers have had to do. Managers like Ferguson and Mourinho. He has to prove himself.

No words will suffice now. No promises will suffice. He just needs to do the job because one things for sure, after keeping Chris Hughton longer than they should, they''re not going to mess around if Neil Adams doesn''t get results. That''s the bad thing about inexperienced managers. They don''t often get time.

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Agree with everything u have written


Just 1 unanswered question - why on earth was he given a 3 year contract. He is a rookie with a 0% win ratio, 1 year rolling, 2 year max, but 3 years bizarre


I hope he does not become an expensive mistake at Christmas - Delia what on earth r u doing ,

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