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Absolutely sickened....

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... with reactions from most "fans" on here. Stop the whining, it''s pathetic. People going on about how he doesn''t have the contacts or experience- contacts for what?! Transfers are all done at board level these days, pretty sure McNally has enough contacts. What does experience bring you? Sweet FA, just ask Wigan fans this season after Coyle (experienced Championship manager) and then Rosler (not an experienced Championship manager). How about we judge him on his ability, he already made a good start on proving that with the FA Youth Cup win, and the last time we appointed someone who''d won that particular trophy turned out pretty well.

Going down this season was painful and extremely disappointing, the way the appointment of the new manager was conducted wasn''t great, but the general entitled and know-it-all attitude of a lot of our "fans" makes me feel ashamed - not that I support Norwich City, but that I have to share this special club with such a bunch of dickheads.

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