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Crafty Canary

Where's the cavalry?

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Given the abuse the board in general and Delia more specifically have received tonight just because they have appointed a manager with a 0% win ratio I''m surprised the forum''s Delia fan club have not been out in force to support her and her colleagues. After all to say anything against her means, according to them, that you are a vile, anti-club misogynist unable to contain your bile.

Come on, let''s be ''avin you!!!

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Re: Supporters v fans

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Having met and talked with Neil I can honestly say I was very impressed with him as a man,football brain and a BIG City fan through and through.

This stupidity of "Radio commentator"  comment belittles his playing career, training badges and coaching skills.

With the right team to help, I for one will look forward to a season of hope and good attacking football.

If a little luck comes our way (we have not had much lately) then this time next year we will be eagerly awaiting the Prem fixtures.


Looks like if you are in need of your usual cavalry Crafty you could be disappointed. The tone of your thread suggests you are not so impressed with the appointment and see it as yet another opportunity to promote your anti Delia agenda. [;)]



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