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What happens to relegated clubs? [If you don't like stats... look away now!]

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OK what do you think of this?

In the last seven years (to03/04), 20 teams have been relegated from Premiership (Leicester twice). In the first year back in the first div/championship:

  • 4 got automatic promotion (WBA, Lei, Man C, Cha)
  • 3 made play-offs (West Ham, Bol, Sun)
  • but half(10) finished outside top 10
  • although none were relegated

What are long-term prospects for relegated teams:

  • 7 are now in prem (West Ham, WBA, Sun, Man C, Cha, Bla, Bol)
  • 9 are still in championship (Lei, Lee, Wol, Ips, Der, Cov, SW, Wat, CP)
  • 4 are in L1 (NF, Wim/MK, Bar, Brad). Others spent time there!

Of those who finished outside top 10, only one is in prem (Bla - and they finished 11th) and three are in L1

This means:

  • Relegated teams have a one in five chance of automatic promotion first year and one in three overall
  • Half the relegated teams finish outside top ten in first year
  • No relegated team has been relegated again to L1 in first year [in last 7 years anyway- has this ever happened?]
  • Finishing outside top ten is extremely bad news - more likely to end up in L1 than prem

A final thought....

So why do so many teams struggle? Possibly three reasons:

  1. Financial meltdown and dismantling team - e.g. Leeds - finished 14th last year, Leicester finished 15th
  2. Not good enough - overachieved to get promotion - e.g. Bradford and Barnsley?
  3. Poor morale and confidence as a result of getting beaten week in and week out in prem

Which do you think it is in our case? I would go for No. 3 but am becoming concerned it could be No. 2.

If you are upset by all the stats... i did warn you to look away

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Its a good point, (Well done for collating all those stats by the way!)


How about another option - It could be argued that we over-achieved two years ago? Looking back at our squad from then its amazing we dominated the league so much.

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