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I fully expect a lot of people to get on my case for this but I will try and give a balanced view of those we have been linked to and then at the end my appraisal of the situation.

Sherwood - Only managerial experience has been this season since 16th December. Prior to that he was a coach. Has appeared to be tactically brittle at times, sticking with the same formation and approach when a team of that class should be more adaptable. Has certainly motivated some players but angered off others. Still relatively untried, won''t have that many contacts although knowing ''Arry he may have a few that way.

Zola - Kept West Ham in the top flight for two seasons, albeit by the skin of their teeth. He then managed Watford and got them to 3rd before losing in the play off final to Palace and left them last December as they sat in 13th. Not overly convinced, likes his attacking football but am unsure of how tactically sound he is defensively. His contacts don''t seem to have helped him much either.

Mackay - described by most as a defensive manager. He also spend a lot of money to get Cardiff promoted. He did reasonably well at Watford on a limited budget but again his contacts network appears to have been based on the chap Cardiff sacked before him - and he is now at Palace. In some ways he could be the next Aidy Boothroyd, as we haven''t seen how he will deal with having been a manager of a relegated club.

Lennon - Has done well at Celtic. The experience he''ll have had there is managing the team of a big club with a massive fan base who expect, and should really be winning silverware every season. I know Celtic fans won''t like this because it will devalue their wins etc but the Scottish Prem is not to the same standard as the Premier League, some pundits have likened it more to League One in it''s average standard with the likes of Celtic being the exception and being more like a good Championship perhaps lower Prem team. He will have built up some contacts during his time at Celtic but to what extent he relied on people behind the club remains to be seen.

Neil Adams - He has the club at heart. He''s worked with a lot of the youngsters who are now coming to the brink of the first team or going out on loan to develop as players. He will know quite a few of the first team players through his work on the training field and close work with the former management set up. And let''s not forget, we know he will work with and respect the players - as he stood up for Roeder''s ill treatment of Huckerby. Perhaps he could well be a good man manager as people like to call them. This could be seen in his management of the U18''s through the FA Youth Cup win. In terms of contacts I would say his will be similar to Mackay''s. But in the past he has shown an eye for a player playing at a lower level - again something that we may well need again at this point.

All of those candidates would come with a bag full of risk. Mackay - without the chap who brought him most of his signings could struggle. Lennon having no experience at arguably this sort of competitive level and both without the amounts of money they may have been used to in the past. Zola has a similar record to Hughton - and arguably the better international contacts, but not an outstanding record as a manger.

That brings me back to Adams. He''s approachable, he has the club at heart. And personally, I was impressed with the way in which he varied tactics and used players in the five games we had, or more the four games leading up to the Arsenal game.

People bang on about keeping the team together, like Newcastle perhaps - but I think people would need to remember that Newcastle were able to keep paying the players to keep them at the club.

I think Lambert proved that team unity is far more important than individual skill or ability, something that we saw at times in the last two seasons but no where near as regularly as was necessary to be more successful.

I think Adams represents a risk, but he knows the players at the club already, he knows how they would prefer to play and I am sure he would be able to sort the wheat from the chaff in the coming weeks. The real question will be whether he can replace and rebuild where necessary to maintain a decent squad for an immediate return.

I could be wrong but I could see a good 6-8 players leave this summer - and that is where his work will be cut out.

Of the other managers, Lennon probably tempted me the most but only because of his possible, and I stress possible, ability to ensure the likes of Snodgrass and Hooper would stay. My concern is that if he becomes a Premier League manager he may come knocking for Hooper and Snodgrass.

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That''s a naive post

Mackay was not a defensive coach, people go one game at Carrow Road when he parked the bus

People forget his brilliance at Watford and Cardiff when the football was a joy to watch

Sherwood has massive contacts in the game and would have been massively connected to bring in up and coming players. He had best Tottenham point ratio of any Tottenham manager including Redknapp and AVB. He inherited a massively under achieving and resurrected Adebayor and gave youth a chance like Bentaleb and Kane? Not picking a team on high profile players like Soldado which Adams to be fair couldn''t do he still picked RVW even dropping Hooper for him after he scored against Liverpool

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It''s only naive if you want it to be.

I saw more of Cardiff last season than that one game. Their style of play was arguably more defensive than our own. You''ll note I also credited him with winning the Championship but he did so on the back of strong spending. It is his spending that would worry me.

For example £10million plus on players in their promotion campaign - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2012%E2%80%9313_Cardiff_City_F.C._season#Transfers

Add that to at least £35million + Fabio and loan fees they spent in their first premier league season. He spent around getting on for £50million in two seasons. I am really sorry if you don''t agree but that should have been enough to keep a team in the premier league if spent wisely, and the players managed properly.

Compare that what Norwich spent on promotion to the Premier League when competing against bigger spenders and again to be in the league for three seasons.

I''m not surprised some Cardiff fans feel that he was far from a success.

As for Sherwood - assumptions. All I was getting at is I somewhat doubt he has that many more connections than the likes of Lennon, Malky or Zola if he does at all.

Personally I feel Adams is probably more connected than you think, when it comes to up and coming youth players at other clubs he will have insight where the likes of Sherwood will not. Time after time on Radio Norfolk and when he used to write articles for the paper he used to pick out players who he felt were bright prospects such as Charlie Austin before people were really looking at him.

I don''t make knee jerk reactions. Or base entire trails of though on pure supposition.

But from what I can tell you are basically saying that Sherwood may have been a good option because he knows some of the Spurs youth set up.

I would argue that Adams is a better option in that regards because he knows our own youth set up and he will know, unlike any of the other managers mentioned, which of those players can make the step up.

Sherwood gave youth a chance in the same way that Adams may well have done given more time - because he knew those players, it was his job to know those players.

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