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I'm glad I'm not...

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...a manic depressive.

It''s not the greatest appointment in the world. It may work in the Championship (it may level out, believe their are far worse out there) but can''t judge until a few games in.

Regardless, still as always City through and through. Won''t turn my back because but still support. We''ve been through the bad to good to a disappointing season. We''ve run our luck, we''ve conquered a few teams, had a good run. We could have, should have and didn''t when we had the chance.

But I will still be there on match day, as I love my club. It''s an obsession I''ll never rid.

Am I wrong for that? Anyone else feels the need to say "What the heck, it''s just another season, we can still do well?" or do you feel like throwing the towel in already before the fixture list/transfer window/first ball has been kicked? We had a tough run in but...

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