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Help for the malicious miscreants among us

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To the offenders  who know who they are,  who seek to set themselves apart from others, to imagine themselves as an elite member of a social group  by infecting that group with divisive strategies and inciting comments, you will not find solace or whatever else that you seek here because we are all united behind one cause, the success and growth of our beloved football club. Every supporter is simply that, a supporter who is here to enjoy the sport and it''s comradery, their personal and financial circumstances are not your business and are of no interest to us. These genuine supporters are all most welcome in whatever friendly capacity they choose and we encourage them wholeheartedly. Belligerent troublemakers are not welcome or wanted here, THEY ARE A SCOURGE on all sports.This book explains far more clearly about the consequences and flawed development of a child who may have endured abuse or rejection from his parents or guardians and seeks comfort and redress in outside social groups. It makes good reading for the summer months.I humbly offer this advice as a friend and not in anger. May peace and fine footy be with us all.                                                                 [IMG]http://i60.tinypic.com/2lu44t1.jpg[/IMG]

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