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Haven't logged on to post most of the season

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But I have been an interested reader.

I believe today the longer it stays at nil nil the better as Chelsea fans and players will get despondent and who knows if we show some attacking flair or Birmingham style attacking with the last few minutes left.

Who knows we are playing superstars with a very good manager at the helm and when the season first came out we all knew if were not in a good position before these games we would be unlikely to pick up a few if any points.

I have seen posts reflecting on the past and the debate on when to dismiss a manager. The board could do no other thing after the scenes with the poisonous atmosphere with clappers used as missiles. If they had not the sub plot to every game and energy would be directed at a management team, not a club needing support. With 40 games in the prem the best time to remove someone is 10-15 games in, certainly with the fact that Hughton had had such a bad run at the end of last season.

The table did lie last year, I expected with our limited budget to be playing for 16th or 17th... We had a blip under Hughton which was the good results in late November/ December, so after 10 games it was clear we were going to limp.

RVW came in after being told of our wins against Man U in hughtons first season and the promise of a new attacking midfielder and two wingers. Redmond was the only player brought in. There were holes and in January, as many have mentioned, Hughton was given loan options. We need a spark then, a lift and unfortunately it didn''t happen. In fact our January dealings are usually pretty poor and something that needs to be addressed.

I have seen research that shows that unless you are an exceptional coach or manager then if you come into a job with a group of players you can''t lift them too much after a honeymoon period. Of course some players reach a peak and do not continue to progress, a number of our older statesmen are now showing that and that has been the worry that we did not bring in those few other key players. Our bench looks championship standard but maybe not even top 6 championship standard with the money some of those teams have.

We are still a premiership team and today we have to prove it, the players heads have not looked right after conceding but today if things don''t go our way it was results at hull, stoke at home, Cardiff home and away etc that have blighted this season.

Hughton should have gone earlier and we need to be a ruthless team, 10 games into a season is enough time to see the season. Yes it shows managers have a tough time, but we gave Hughton the season before.

I do not want my team in the championship, so I can watch more competitive football, we should be competitive with the bottom half of this league, because it isn''t that great. I do not want a derby game, I honestly don''t care. I want norwich in the highest league reaping the rewards of the money in that league as in the championship we may be debt free but we do not have a long term financial backer with the money we need. In the prem we have more chance of finding new investment, better players, better academy prospects and our club surviving.

However with the budget we have it was a matter of time... I expected us to stay up and still needing a result in these 4games or a team to slip up. If we go down we will have a big job and who knows but we have had a terrible seasons with poor management decisions from the board, poor decisions by the football management team, poor performances from players throughout the season. On that reflection and seeing what almost happened last season we may deserve to go down, but we have a slight chance over 90minutes who knows... 9 times out of 10 we would lose, I see nothing to say that today will be that one time, but our players need to make that today.

But Chelsea losing three home games on the trot is another example of things going against us.

But we will see.

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