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The Great Mass Debater

Beating Man City whilst theyre on the beach could relegate us

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Should he stay or should he go? Norwich were commended for keeping the faith and sticking by Hughton and not becoming part of the awful manager merrigoround, even as the band played abide with me. Other teams recognized the warning signs, acted and changed their manager. The warning signs were there for us too, they were there from last season, listing towards relegation is no surprise to many. So why didnt the board act? Too close to Chris, like they were with Nigel?

Maybe the critical point was the last throes of the season last year. Some results going our way and a barnstorming break the mould where did that come from performance against both west brom and man city, who frankly couldnt care less, propelled us up the table and as a reult we finished a flattering 11th, which betrayed the real story of our season. We then spent the summer congratulating ourselves on our high finish.

The reality of last season was that we survived by the skin of our teeth, having been in real danger of relegation all season. But those critical results meant the league table flattered us and made out we were a lot more comfortable than we actually were.

So when the danger signs remained this season, I imagine conversations would have gone something like this ''hmmm, teams looking a bit cr*p, cant score cant defend, boring football fans unhappy. Shall we get a new manager?'' ''but he finished 11th last season, how can we sack him, no dont worry im sure it will be fine, he''s a mid table manager, the table proves it, he''ll come good, none of that stuff you mentioned is important''

If league table had reflected the story of our season and we''d finished just above the relegation zone instead of beating an uninterested man city, chances are the board might have acted earlier ''hmmm, nearly got relegated last season, not much better this season is it and we''ve spent 25million. Lets make a change'' ''I agree''

Think beating Man City last season whilst great at the time could have been the worst thing that could have happened to us.

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