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James Long

Delia's speech

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Sorry If this has been mentioned allready and I haven''t noticed but has anyone noticed this about what I just found about our Queen of the club and ''that phrase''.

From MSN News


18/4/2005 8:27:53 PM ( Source: PA)
Doves want Delia rant on new record

 Delia Smith''s half-time rallying cry of "let''s be ''aving you" at a Norwich City match could be turned into a song by rock band Doves.

The Manchester-based band has put in a request to sample Delia''s words with the aim of putting it on a new track.

The band, who showed footage of the famous speech when they played the University of East Anglia in Norwich last month, told an internet entertainment site: "We''ve yet to get a reply from her office."

Doves talk about Delia and their Norwich gig on their website.

A message they have posted from Austin, Texas, in the US, said: "The last few UK dates went really well, especially Norwich. It was one of the best on tour!

"The crowd were on top form and ... just before we came on for the encore, we ran that Delia Smith footage. Before we''d even shown the film, the crowd were chanting the Delia quote from the night ''Let''s be ''aving you'', so when the film started it went down very well! Nice one Delia!"

If Delia declines their request for sampling, the band might get a soundalike to recreate the words.

Delia''s "Where are you, let''s be ''aving you, we need a 12th man" cry hit the headlines after her outburst at Norwich City''s game against Manchester City at their Carrow Road ground in February.


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