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My name is Robert Brompton

Action not apologies required

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It is interesting to see some people demanding apologies, recriminations and the public apportioning of blame in the wake of our relegation.

I have no interest in hearing how sorry anyone at the club is or any public confessional. All I am interested in no is hearing exactly what the club is going to do to ensure that our return to the Championship is as short as possible. I want to hear what personnel and what resources are going to be mobilised and what the strategy is to give us the greatest possible chance of a rapid return to the Premier League. I also want to know who is and isn''t fully committed to seeing that strategy successfully implemented and how anyone who isn''t committed will be exiting the club with the maximum financial return or minimum cost, whichever is most appropriate.

Finger pointing, blaming and endless hand wringing and teeth gnashing is a luxury that only some fans can afford. The club, however, must be ruthlessly hard nosed in focussing on achieving the one outcome that matters - promotion next season.

The failure to show a collective drive and focussed ruthlessness this season has ended with dismal failure. It must never happen again. I do not expect to hear anything on these matters from the club until after the game on Sunday but the clearest of communications followed by concerted action should be evident in the next 10 days. If it is not then I would start to be concerned.

Robert Brompton

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