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stoke canary

Tony Powell

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[quote user="stoke canary"]Wonder what SHE''S up to now ??[/quote]That story has been rubbished so many times...by Powell himself.  Why on earth do you feel the need to start a thread like this?

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Web Team - Celia Sutton

22/01/2004, 10:26 AM

The following story appeared about him in the EN:A FORMER Norwich

City star who was rumoured to have swapped his boots for high heels

after a sexchange operation has been tracked down in America and he''s

still a man. Tony Powell, who played for the Canaries during the 1970s,

is now the manager of a hotel in Hollywood. A search for the former

centre back was launched by the Evening News last month after the club

tried to track him down for its centenary celebrations. Rumours

surfaced that the one time hard man had had a sex change operation and

was now happily living in the US as a woman. Now the former Canaries

hero has been tracked by a Sunday newspaper to Los Angeles and he is

still very much a man. Mr Powell, 55, who has two grown up children said

he was baffled as to why people thought he had lost his tackle. "It''s

ridiculous," he said I don''t know where this started. I am all bloke I

can assure you. I''ve never worn a frock in my life. I''m the least likely

man to have a sex swap ."I had a reputation as a hard but fair

player I dropped off the radar because I hated all the celebrity stuff.

When I came to the States I left all that behind." Mr Powell made

275 appearances for Norwich City and left to join the San Jose

Earthquakes in the US in 1981. He then moved to the Seattle Sounders but

the team went bust .It was then that he decided to hang up his boots

for good.He has lost the flowing locks he was famous for during his

time at Carrow Road and now sports a short greying crop. He missed the

reunion of former players which took place to celebrate the club''s 100th

birthday but said he would have been unlikely to have joined them

anyway, adding: "Maybe I should have sent them an autographed bra!"

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