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Patches OHoolahan

What is the best we can aspire to be?

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Just thinking about Southampton, they''ve invested loads of money, much more than us, and have come 8th. Swansea managed 9th place last year and a League Cup on more limited resources. Obviously the focus has to be gaining promotion next season, but in the longer term, realistically all we can ever hope to have as supporters is upper mid-table in the Prem, maybe a cup if we''re lucky and a subsequent European campaign. Aside from the depressing truism that there is a ceiling on our possible achievement, what do you really want from your football team? It would be phenomenal to win a cup, but thats not likely to be a regular occurrence, so really all I hope for as a supporter is for Norwich to play good football with passion, and to be entertained. For these reasons I would like to see a manager come in who will bring style and passion to our football club, because regardless of which division we''re in, entertainment and emotion (hopefully positive emotion) is the product which we are buying as fans.

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