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David Mcnally has my confidence vote

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In my view our CEO comes

across as genuinely remorseful and pained at our teams demise.

He loves our club and

respects it''s supporters.

I am left in no doubt

whatsoever that he is the leader who ultimately will take us forward and


Yes he messed up big time

this time and he well knows it. However he will come good and so will the club.

Moreover I believe that

being an honorable man he would resign if he truly believed that his


would benefit Norwich City


This endorsement of his

services does not necessarily support his next managerial selection and believe

me I do not envy that task in todays climate where no obvious candidates show


Both leagues are stronger now, the commercial stakes are higher than when

we were promoted and arguably we are weaker consequently we face a tortuous

path ahead of us but our foundations are strong as they are stable. We begin

next season with a bloody nose and some scars but NOT in my case with despair

or desperation simply a realistic anticipation for a bright future.

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