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Missed Opportunity

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With relegation bringing a substantial drop in revenue, somewhat cushioned by the parachute payments, the Board have missed an opportunity to bring in much needed extra income.

Delia could have made use of her culinary contacts and captured a lucrative sponsorship deal.

With the Barry Butler POTS award proving such a problematic choice, for a substantial pot of money, Bernard Matthews could have presented an end of season ''Golden Turkey'' award.

An award for any player, or indeed, any employee of the club, who had performed below and beyond the level of expectation.

There would have been every chance that Asda (or any other leading supermarket) would have been keen to add some sponsorship money and become involved, leading to a possible ''two winners for the price of one'' , or some such multibuy/multi-winners.

It might have a better effect on player performances than the ''pre-match group huddle'', and become the trophy that every player strives not to win.

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