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Greeno     8 - Vital saves in the first half kept us in the game;  disappointed Kluiverts shot appeared to go through his wrist though?  Man of teh match

Drury       6 - Under enormous threat in the first half and lucky not to conceed to the dangerous milner, Jonson made his job easier in the second half.

Shackell   7 - Looked inexperienced at times but still outshone his central colleague with his organisation, reading and passing.  Dominant in the air and played shearer well, pushing the latter to flem and Helveg.  Why did we wait so long for him? 

Flem       5 - Poor - shearer looked dangerous against him only - out of position far too often and what was with his attempted header from Safris miscued clearance in the second half - no challenge yet mistimes to badly he missed the ball entirely allowing Ameobi to put a decent chance wide - itlooked like he had his eyes closed!  Bring back doc or charlie

Helveg    7 - Awesome; bentley chose to ignore some superb overlapping runs that eddy would have been proud of; distribution a class above our defenders and better than most of our midfielders, defencively excellent against shearer and a dangerous robert and still overlapping in the 94th minute to put in a cross that Bentley would have purred over for the winner.  Why did we wait so long for him?   

Hux       5 - Poor but understandably so;  should he ever have been risked?  A one off

Safri      7 - Very good again but Toon still dominated midfield.  Superb goal, good defensive reding of teh game and always available for his colleagues and then used the ball well.   Why did we choseto hide his ability in the reserves for so long?

Francis   6 - Some excellent play followed by bouts of invisibility and more excellent play - his season in a game; should really have scored his 8th league goal of the season at some stage last night.  IF he can work on his defensive duties he will be a great and with Safri City will be in a position to dminate the midfield in games.

Bentley  6 - Simply didnt have his crossing boots on; Helveg out crossed him all nite; worked hard but not much went right for him.

Leon     6 - Worked hard but the quality remains elusive, poor first touch and passing went astray too often.  Had the beating of O''Brien for pace but insisted on straying offside so so often when it wasnt necessary.  But his movement continues to cause opponentsproblems and is linking well with Deano.

Deano   7 - Man of the moment.  Won just about everything in the air and was the best forward on the pitch.  Disappointed he and Leon did not attack some of better crosses in the first half more but the quality of his header for the goal was superb.    


Holt -  5 - Reminded me of the dog in the park that runs from person to person hoping to get a sniff of the ball; no tackles, dragged out of position and we nearly paid the price.  As Helveg, Shacks and Safri have all shown quality movement and reading of thegame is far more effective than perpetual motion.

Jonson 7- Did excellently to nullify the threat of milner in the second half - retained possession well and shows the benefit of having a true midfielder in front of Drury.

Svenson 6 - A couple of good passes but too little time to have a real impact.    

 Same team for Sat I expect.



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Green 8

Helveg 6 (Sorry but awesome is an exaggeration. Again he was dispossed in a dangerous position and lucky not to be punished.)

Drury 7

Fleming 5 (but still a better option  for me than Doc. Why is Charlton getting the cold shoulder)

Shackell 7

Bentley 5 (Holt 5) . Sorry but Holts brief performance for me was a reminder of the reason for his omission in the first place).

Safri 8

Francis 6

Huckerby 6 (Jonson 7) I''m not Jonson''s greatest fan but he provided excellent defensive cover for Drury in the 2nd half)

McKenzie 7 (Svensson 6)

Ashton 8


On a final note why can''t we take a decent corner. The corners in the first half were pitiful.


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