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The Great Mass Debater

A striker that I used to know...

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Now and then I think of when I thought you would make our strikeforce better,

When you signed I felt so happy that I could die.

Told myself that we were right for you,

Ignored the fact we dont play 442

Looked forward to those youtube moments that I remember.

You can get addicted to a certain kind of sadness,

Like relegation in the end, always the end.

But you not scoring didnt make sense,

Though we always leapt to you defence,

I hope this season doesnt mean that its all over.


We didnt have to cut you off,

Leave you unsupported and leave you chasing nothing.

Make you feel you didnt have our love

Our midfield treats you like a stranger no surprise you fluff.

We''ve forgotten how to keep it low,

We dont forget about the danger and now we cannot find our number...

9... We forgot we need to help you score

Now you''re a shadow of a youtube clip we used to know



Definitely a sign that you are way too bored....




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[quote user="MancCanary"]Blimey. Very heartfelt TGMD! Was that aping of the Elliott Smith song of a similar name by any chance?[/quote]I think it''s the Gotye song of the same name?

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