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subs and RvE

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JR would like to see goal again. But made one great save. Little else to do.

SB joker. Cares only about tattoos and stupid hats at the mo.

JY did ok. Never seen him run

MO worst game for us. Was awful

RM bad game but at least he tries.

AT kept giving the ball away

JH see above. Both good players but not today

RS pots. Played bad by the standards he set last season. But at least he cares. Argues the cause.

WH as soon as went a goal down this guy might as well have been subbed. Loved him

But its over now. Never want to see him play for ncfc.

JE easy target. That shot....

GH givrs more than Rvw. But after first 15 was out of it.


NR should have been made at half time. Game needed pace. Having said that he never really got into it.

LB how long did it take him to get first touch. The guys isnt even a footballer any more.

JG best sub. Should prob start next wk.

RvW last wk was first choice. This wk fourth. Where''s the sense in that. Him warming up in the tunnel and in front of CH was embarrassing. Was he trying to prove a point? This guy just seem pathetic. I did feel sorry for him. Now I just think hes a pathetic weakling.

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