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Overrated, over paid

McNally clears his throat!

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Ok, as predicted, the pressure is now well and truly on. Our destiny is likely to be decided next week at Craven cottage (home of a few historical Norwich collapses).

A miraculous away win or even a point may be enough to cling onto Premier league status for another season. If we hand Fulham the win then we''ll be odd on for the drop with the smallest of chances of accumulating enough points from the remaining fixtures.

Step forward McNally. Twice this season he''s surfaced to appease the fans and to spell out that Hughton MUST keep us up or he''s out. Remember the ''fate worse than death'' remark?

Given today''s result and performance and following Swansea no show I suspect McNally will be once again preparing to wade in with his steady hand and kick some backsides.

I have no idea why Hughton is still our manager, god only knows, but if McNally and the board really want to cling on to a place at the top table then they need to act, and fast.

If we lose against Fulham then I suspect Hughton will be clearing his desk! I''d hope and pray he''s sacked after this awful Westbrom result but that won''t happen.

The clock is ticking.... Watch this space!

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[quote user="im spartacus"]if he doesn''t gamble and sack clueless then he can clear his desk [:D]


Believe me MacNally would sack Hughton if it was his choice after comments made recently and one of the main reasons MacNally has withdrawn himself from the media of late! It''s the board sticking by Hughton until the summer when he will be gone.


I can''t see how they can stick by him after today, he has to go tomorrow.

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