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The real effect of not sacking Hughton (earlier this season)

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The real effect of the board not having the balls to sack Hughton earlier this season (or in the summer) is that the players clearly lack confidence in his ability.

When players lose confidence in the manager, they don''t give their all.

When they don''t have the confidence that the board will do the right thing and sack the man, then the players will know that the same thing will happen next season, IF they stay up.

So what better than to not stay up, to her away from the mess at Carrow Road?

You can almost read the mind of Bassong when he is jogging along. He does not want to be here anymore.

Same with a lot of the other players.

The players are not stupid. They have played football long enough to see what is working and what is not. They will have seen the very late, and poor substitutions. Thet will have seen Hughtons non-efforts in trying to change a game that is not going along his Plan A.

In sum, this drains players belief, and in essence, our survival hopes.

We are as good as down.

I have placed to heavy bets at Bet365, one for us to lose at Fulham, and one for us to be relegated.

I am pretty sure of winning those bets.

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Some errors there, written on a shitty iPad.

My point is, that the players are better off being relegated, as they are more likely to get away from Carrow Road, being sold to other clubs, etc.

Espescially the players with a name. Snodgrass, Bassong, RvW, Fer, maybe also Howson and Hooper, Pilks, Redmond.

The rest will suffer, as none will buy them.

A divide in the changing room, me thinks. Players look after their own interests now. Rats are starting to plan life after the ship has been sunk.

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