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This is so familiar, is it 2005 revisited?

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Quite simple really, the board have fallen back into old ways, the manager reflects Worthington, MacNally has been moulded into the new Doncaster and the players are mercenaries, none of them care enough about our club.


Regardless of if you agree or disagree with the board keeping faith with Hughton, it was always a gamble either way, one which isn’t lost yet! Have some hope that it’s about time we put the Fulham hoodoo to bed!


That said I have said and still say fans & the club have distanced themselves from each other, players do not have any Norwich blood in their vanes and we are lacking any connection with them, we have no hero’s to pull us out of this and that frustrates the hell out of me! Where is the Huckerby, Holt, Roberts in this team?


Regardless of what happens now, I believe a radical re-think is needed by the club to bring the club back to the fans and a new manager and players who want to prove something to themselves and others need to be scouted, we need HUNGER back into the team.


Poor season, poor relationship now and time for a new fresh start wherever we are. We need Delia to see the light and unite the club, team and fans once more.


This year is all about comfort and ease and it hasn’t worked, we swapped a dynamic go getting hungry manager for a Worthy, we dummed down a hard CEO into a Doncaster and now paying potentially paying the price, this is 2005 all over again, we need to win at Fulham to have a chance of staying up! Deja vu


The calculated risk taken by the board is failing and if by some miracle we stay up, this club needs a new train of thought, back to where we were in 2010, fresh MacNally and a Lambertesc manager in my view or we could be bound for repeating the same mistakes of 10 years ago!


I hate say this but let''s just bury the ill feeling and point scoring for this season and wait for the summer and see what it brings? It helps no one!

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I would actually say it''s more 1995. Been saying since November that it''s like watching a slow motion car crash - you can see what''s happening but powerless to do anything about it.

We were 6th at Christmas in 1994 with seeming rosy. We did have goalscoring problems though which we''re not rectified at all, as the board believed all would be fine.

In the event, we slipped down and down the table until suddenly it was too late. We bought in a temporary manager at the end of the season which also proved too little to late.

Can see the comparisons to 2005 also I guess. Perhaps even 1985 was similar also as everyone believed we were safe until a similar drop of form, especially after the milk cup.

Thinking about it, that''s almost every 10 years! Are we sure we aren''t in 2015? That would have symmetry to it....

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yes, eerily familiar to 1995......kept saying we just need one more win for the last 6 weeks of that season, and didnt win a game.

also remember the Chase Out riots after the Liverpool home game which was around the same sort of time as to when we play them in a fortnight.....can see some similary unpleasant scenes coming up after this one too?

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Posted on another thread, but fits in well here:This season has a similar feel to it to the 2008/09 season (and as I

write this I am finding more and more similarities jumping to mind). A

manager completely out of his depth, making bad team selections, poor

transfer signings, playing players out of position, appointing someone

obviously not qualified to be captain and alienating key members of the

first team. Fans fed up of the negative football on display, getting on

the managers back and by default the team''s, creating a poisons

atmosphere at the ground and generally assisting the current manager to

demotivate the whole squad. A board that doesn''t want to admit that they

made a mistake in appointing the current manager as he kept us up last

season, waiting to react once we''ve passed the point of no return rather

than being proactive 6 months earlier when it was obvious that it

wasn''t working, then appointing a club legend and asking him to do an

impossible job by turning a squad of loanees and players looking to jump

ship at the soonest available opportunity into a team capable of

beating Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal (OK this

hasn''t happened yet, but if many of the regular posters on the message

board get their way it will by the end of the week).The only

positive to this is that following the dark days of the relegation from

the Championship and subsequent 1-7 drubbing at the hands of Colchester

was that we ended up with a manager that re-instilled self-belief back

into a squad drained of it over the previous two season and saw us

rocket up the league pyramid. Maybe we should hope for a 7 or 8-1

drubbing at the hands of Bournemouth at Carrow Road on the opening day

of next season, sack Neil Adams after a good result in the Carling Cup

and then hire Eddie Howe. Who knows, maybe he has a bigger impact than

Lambert ever did and this time three years down the road we''ll be

gearing up for our first ever Champions League quarter-final against

Bayer Munich (OK, I admit, that might be hoping for a bit much).

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