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Tony Cottee Woz Ere . . .

What are all these rumours about a split in the boardroom?

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I''ve read a few posts from people suggesting that the board are split on sacking Hughton. Some implying it''s McNally who doesn''t want to give him the elbow. Some implying it''s Delia and Wynn Jones (Which i find far more believable). Or are these rumours just speculative codswallop? Obviously no one on here can verify anything but i''m interested in hearing from those who believe they are ''in the know''. Either way sticking with Hughton now is insanity. Losing at Fulham is guaranteed as long as he is in charge, which in turn all but guarantees relegation, and poisonous atmospheres at the following 2 home games are equally a forgone conclusion. Surely EVERYBODY on the NCFC board realise this now?

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