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The Three "F's" (A little bit long)

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I think last night''s result (came all the way from Lincoln to see it, and worth every penny of the travel expenses and ticket price, and every second of the four hours it took to travel down) has set us up to push on now and snatch an unlikely survival. I think any team looking for survival needs three qualities, which for the sake of Commercial Britain, I''ll call the three "F''s".

Now, before you dismiss this thread as completly corny, let me explain what the three "F''s" are. One is form. Every team needs form, and fortunatly, we''ve hit ours right at the crucial moment. Ashton looks a constant threat, McKenzie gets better with every game, and Safri and Helveg look like essential choices now. Even Fleming''s form has improved a fair bit as of late!

The next is fixtures. We need a set of favourable fixtures that we can win. We''ve certinatly got that, as Alan Hansen illuminated last night. We''ve got Charlton and Birmingham at home (two very winnable games, especially as both are out of form) and Southampton and Fulham away. While we still look for our first away win, we weren''t poor at Palace, and I think we can beat Southampton and Fulham with that bit of luck, and bit of the final F.

Which is fortitude. The one thing I''d like to see a lot more of - the ability to hold on to a lead, coupled with the never say die attitude that we''ve adopted as of late. We need a bit more organisation up back, and bit more courage to get involved rather than worryingly standing off to let the opposition come to us as we try to defend a lead.

We have two of the three "F''s" that we need to stay up, and I think if we get a bit more fortuituous and a fair slice of lady luck, we can pull this off!

But let''s not get our hopes up, ehh?

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