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My Dream

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It ain''t over ''til the fat lady sings. It does look pretty dire now though. At least with Adams we''ll go down fighting but the looks of that last display.

What I wonder is what these so called big players that only joined once we were in the PL will do. To name a few RVW, Hooper, Howson, Johnson, Fer, Snodgrass, Redmond, Ollson all came to the club because we were in the PL. But should we be relegated then surely that means that they are not truly PL standard. I don''t see they staying but then they deserve to be in the league which they are in. Perhaps we have too many journeymen....

IF we go down I think the best course of action will be to sell off the big names. Invest in the youth setup a la Southampton. Get a good group of youngsters that play for the Yella and Green. Best case; few years and we''re back in the top flight with players that are grateful to Norwich for the chance to be there and still time to develop and adjust. Worst case we have to sell some of them onto other clubs for little loss or if we''re luckier then bigger money and we turn a profit just like S''ton did with Bale etc. We can then reinvest that money back into the youth system.

We have a good crop about to come through that have won the FA. youth cup. This could be the base of a good team for the next 10 years if they''re handled correctly. Of course we do need the right man in charge, commitment of the board, top quality youth scouting, excellent youth coaching, and patience from the fans.

Well a man can dream. :p

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