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Kirkstall Yellow

My almost completely positive reflection on the final 4 games.

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Right. So, I thought we put on a good performance at Craven Cottage. We were unlucky and a bit more composure on the ball and we could have had a couple of goals. Result aside, performance-wise it was a dramatic improvement from our previous 7 away games. Neil made a brave team selection, and it almost worked. And apparently he isn’t afraid of substitutions either!

I though the players showed a lot more desire than in previous games, and their reaction at full time just goes to show that they do understand the severity of the situation, and they do care.

It was nice to see Murphy getting a run out, I think he will have a big part to play for us next season if we do end up in the championship. Shame he slipped when he took that shot.

I love Ricky, but I’m starting to think that he may just not be cut out for the premiership. (with us at least, anyway). For me, the thing that he has lost is his desire to get into the right positions. He had that when he started with us, but as those cruel 20 hours have past, he seems to have lost that desire, and confidence in his running. So many times over this year he has been in the box but has made no attempt to lose his man and create space for himself. It’s a real shame because I really thought he would be incredible for us this season. Maybe he’ll pop up with a crucial goal or two in the run in, eh.

We were still troubled with the same old problems. Wayward passing, lack of composure in front of goal, and Bradley losing his man in the box. Which was a shame, because for the most part, we were the better side and deserved at least a point.

But 0 points is 0 points, and it leaves us in a perilous position. My instant reaction at full time was that we are down.

And in some respects I wish that my heart would listen to my head, but it wont. It won’t give up on hopes of survival until the table says there are less points available than we need.

So with that in mind, here are some positives:

1. The season is not over, yet.

2. We are not in the relegation zone, yet

3. Fulham have to continue their winning run. As do Cardiff.

4. We were better than we were against west brom.

5. The players cared.

6. That was a huge improvement considering we were away from home.

7. Everyone outside the canary nation thinks we are down and will get nothing from our last 4 games. I’ve often (politely) considered everyone outside the canary nation as an idiot.

8. Leroy is back.

9. If Liverpool or Chelsea are to win the league they have to go through us first. The pressure is on them.

10. We play better (historically) as underdogs against the big teams.

11. Arsenal are in the FA cup final.

12. I still like Neeyul, he seems like a nice chap.

13. ok, I’m out of positives now.

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