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Media have written Anfield script - we can change it

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First it was Man City who were title shoe-ons, then it was Chelsea, now it''s Liverpool.

But of them all, the media love in over Liverpool has been the most nauseating, with their lauding over Gerrard just because he shouts a bit on the pitch. Never mind that Suarez should have been sent off for some outrageous cheating, that Skrtel had a bout of volleyball in their penalty area. Ok, so i''m bitter, but what better way to change the record than to stick a spanner in the works on Saturday, rather than just roll over and submit to the media''s pre-ordained "fairytale" outcome!?

(Personally i''d like to see Chelsea win it but there you go, who knows. I would have said Liverpool but for that horrible little cheat.)

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