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The Great Mass Debater

Loyalties and mentalities

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Thought I would try and put the cat amongst the pigeons. Wonder if anyone id brave enough to nail their colours to the mast. Which single poster do you find yourself agreeing with most, or affiliating yourself with most or taking the point of view/championing when reading threads. Can imagine this thread dissipating quite early with noone willing to commit, but I will go first. Nailing my colours to the post, I probably find myself in a similar camp the most with Le Juge. Dont think we''ve ever had much interaction on here, probably because I have a similar viewpoint a lot of the time and dont feel the need to argue or debate.

Who is your pinkun compadre? In a giant game of Wembley Doubles, who would you pair up with? Hoping for some interesting and controversial answers, but expecting tumbleweed. ;-)

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