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Darth Catbeard The Old

Have we just stopped caring now?

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After the match I came on here expecting several threads crucifying Marriners extremely obviously bent, bias ''performance'' but so far nothing.

Are we so used to be shafted now, particularly in a game like today where the whole of the footballing world seemed desperate for Liverpool to get the win that we''ve just accepted it at this point?

The conveniently missed fouls, the unbelievable time wasting from 80 mins and then final whistle on 93:98 minutes, Skirtal playing in god mode, Suarez''s blatant diving etc etc etc

I haven''t, I''m still furious about it, what makes me most sick is that I knew this was gonna happen as well, if we had of got the equalizer you can bet your life the Ref''s would have found something wrong with the goal. The currently Liverpool adoring footballing world had this one in the script as a Liverpool win and Marriner delivered alright!

Btw I''m not saying we lost because of him, It''s just sickening having to play against such an unnecessary handicap. At least if we go down the decisions going against us will be due to ineptitude, not pre meditated bias.

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