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Results needed in other games

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First, cursing our decking luck...playing Chelsea AFTER they have finished their CL semi finals.

Liverpool and Sunderland the lucky ones, playing them before (Sunderland) and in the middle (Pool).

So, we want Pool to beat Chelsea this weekend, so Chelsea are out of the league title when we face them on May 4.

Damned that Everton beat Man U yesterday. We want Arsenal to be safe for 4th before they face us, Now it looks to go to the wire.

Need Man C to beat Everton and Arsenal to win their 2 games before facing us, then we got a chance against Arsenal.


Sunderland-Cardiff X

Newcastle-Cardiff 1 (must raise their game soon)

Cardiff-Chelsea 2 (but if CHels is out of the league title this is scary)


Sunderland-Cardiff X

Man U - Sunderland 1 (no certainty, by all means)

Sunderland-WBA X

Sunderland-Swansea X (but likely home win)


Fulham-Hull X (crunch game for us)

Stoke-Fulham 1 (home form continues, Hughes to relegate his former team)

Fulham-Palace X (Palace in great form, may keep it up and relegate their rivals)


WBA-West Ham X (crucial for us, but fear the home win. Then they will be safe)

Arsenal-WBA 1

Sunderland - WBA X

WBA-Stoke X

If they win one of their home games, WBA are safe. Very likely.

So, we need a win and a draw, and I think the draw may come at Man U, and we need Arsenal to lose against us.

Hopefully Arsenal has wrapped up 4th by then.


Arsenal-Newcasltle 1

Arsenal - WBA 1

Norwich- Arsenal 1

Arsenal to get 6 points.


Southampton-Everton 1 (X)

Everton-Man C X (2) if Chelsea beat Liverpool Man C will be in it.

Hull - Everton 2 (Hull on the beach, waiting for the cup final.

Everton looking at 4, or 5 points from their 3 games, me thinks.

Arsenal should have wrapped up the 4th spot with 2 wins before the last round, and we need Everton to slip up, so Arsenal can hopefully be on the beach against us, waiting for their cup final against Hull the week after.

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