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Yellow Green Army

The most frustating thing of all!!!!!

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Is that Aston Villa were and are not very good. We were 1-0 up away from home, on top of the game for 25mins.and still somehow take a battering from a poor team. Yes, Benteke''s first goal was outstanding but after that we just caved in. Why?

From what I saw yesterday Aston Villa are not a good side and they are still in a relegation fight themselves. That is what is so disappointing. We looked such a better team than Villa when we were passing it about, then one piece of magic out of the blue and we bottle it. It''s as simple as that. We need a leader!!!!! Someone with passion, hunger, fight and a attitude. A Terry Butcher type player.

Bassong is not a leader of men and not the captain we need. He is weak at times and is prone to one costly mistake every game.

However he is the best of an average bunch.

In the summer if we do manage to stay up, I would be looking to re-build the defence with Olsson, and Bennett the only ones worth retaining. Out would go Martin, Bassong, Whitaker, Garrido, Turner. Not good enough for the premier league. We need leaders and fighters on the pitch. This is were our biggest flaw has been all season. WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH - WE CRUMBLE.

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