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Green - 7 confidence is coming back, little to do on sat but coped well with what little threat there was.

Helveg - 7 Oozed class, definition o professional defending

Shackell - 7 Won every header and continues to lead the back 4 with authority. MOTM

Flem - 5 Continues to watch players rather than read a game; traditional volley of abuse to colleagues rather than accepting blame reappeared in the second half for the first time in several games.  Lucky that Charlton did not take advantage of a very early effort when he failed to read a runner.

Drury - 6 Struggled against Rommendahl, particularly once Jonson removed. Fortunately Chalrton did not appear to notice and failed to givethe dlyung dutchman the ball!

Bentley - 6  Second poor game on the trot; should have been removed ahead of Jonson

Francis - 6 Failed to contain a 5 man midfield early on, but grew as the game wore on; continues to impress going forward

Safri - 7 Again struggled a bit early on but slowly turned the game around. Good short passing and intelligent use of the ball.

Jonson - 5.5 (7 for defensive; 4 for attacking)  Lacking confidence and continues to see managers orders through to a T...  Gave Jukebox excellent defensive cover but simply stops when going forward rather than using his pace and risking losing the ball.  DID keep the ball well but until he improves the offensive part of his game will become a reserve full back, a la portsmouth.

Ashton - 6 Subdued, and looked tired, compared to recent exploits but what can we expect from a youngster, hopefully saving himself for next week!

Mckenzie - 5.5  8/3  8 for enthusiasm, energy, willingness and simply getting himself into good positions, including an ability to turn in smaller circles than a mini wrong footing defenders.  3 for wasting that position! His ability to know the offside rule, first touch and delivery of what he knows he should doing, poor crosses, lay offs, passes that hinder our progress are so blooming frustrating - if only he had svens ability on the ball.  I lost count of the number of time his sheer persistance and effort got himself into good positions, (1st half a superb pop of the ball back and behind a defender into the penalty area down the left flank, followed by an over hit cross that meant Bents had to turn aroudn to stop it going out for a throw is an typical example) only to screw it up.  Whats the point of good build up if you continue to fluff it?  Aaaaargh.  BUT you still end up loving him!

Hux - 5 Clearly unfit and added nothing once on. 

Holt - 5 Little time to have any impact.

Svensson - 8.  What more can you do in 10 mins?  Clear one of the line, link up and use the ball well and get your only two chances on target.   Technically our most finished striker - if only he had some mobility and could keep fit all season.


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