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2 points dropped (in more ways than one)!

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***DISCLAIMER: I offer no guarantees that anyone will find any of this even remotely interesting! Comment nothing constructive at own risk ;-) ***

As bad as it is (believe me, I''m livid... Stoke''s away form was worse than our own! And their goal was our 1st conceded at home in 465 minutes), it could be worse. Hoolahan and Redmond looked good! One point is better than none after all... And with Fulham (admit it: bogey team) as good as gone (I remember a certain team being written off, having won just 3 games with 7 to go [Fulham have won 6 with 9 games to go], but then having survival in their hands come final day...), that''s essentially 2 places left in the R zone... But, as Hughton agreed, I see it as 2 points dropped... At least other results mean only Cardiff gained points on us. I won''t rave on about all the mistakes I feel Hughton made as I''m sure it''s all been said already/before. I will say, though: Still no maximum points under Hughton (just Southampton and WBA left to get it). Still no substitute goal or assist all season. Still only 3 league games where we''ve scored more than once. Despite the increase in clean sheets (which some people insist is a shining beacon), we have the 18th leakiest defence (44 goals conceded) and 18th best goal difference (-22)... The 2 teams worse than us in both are 19th: Cardiff 50GC -28GD 20th Fulham 65GC -36GD... From them we have 1 point from 9 and, incidently, a cup draw and defeat with Fulham to boot! Still looking dire and inept.

Instead, I''ll explain how it is literally a case of 2 points dropped in the case of my predictions of a worst-case-scenario (lose last 5) that had us finishing 13th with 36 points. I originally predicted us the win... But ours was the only prediction I changed my mind on... To a 1-all draw! Doesn''t fill me with glee to be right sometimes (such a curse ;-p ahaha... My only correct Norwich result, from 6, is the West Ham defeat :-s grr). At first, other results kept working against us but seemed to be getting better. I also got Palace 0-1 Southampton spot on. If Spurs had scored 1 consilliation goal and WBA had scored the 3rd goal instead, that would have been 2 more spot on results. The only other result I got wrong was the Cardiff v Fulham game. I just needed Fulham to score 2 more goals to be spot on... But I did openly say the prediction was biased and I''d give Cardiff the edge. Getting 3 from 5 right gives my accuracy an increase of 1.8% (woohoo ahaha!) to 43.1% (22/51). But thanks to the beauty of football maths (where you can be right from being wrong), despite getting 4 from 6 results right for Chelsea and 2 from 6 for Cardiff, both their point tallies are spot on course... With Hull, I''ve got all 5 results wrong but I''m only 3 points out. I am 3 points out, or better for 14 out of the 20 teams.

I''ve said from the start that this is purely hyperthetical and I''m aware you can''t take an end prediction made of 150 guessed results too seriously... So I take it all with a hefty pinch of salt but it does offer up a handy measuring stick to survival... Seeing as it had us up at 13th after losing last 5 (imagine having to play your bogey team if they needed the 3 points to survive? Fulham face Newcastle, then Man City, then Everton and finaly Villa before hosting us... And they are the only remaining bottom 11 side that can join Villa in enjoying maximum points from us this season.), you''d gladly (well... Maybe not "gladly" haha...) accept me getting 100% accuracy, or at the very least my bad accuracy working in our favour... As getting 3 points becomes more important in my predictions, it does too in real life. That''s why I share these things ... Just in case someone finds it useful... I try to keep it informative and interesting. I know full well I''ll get the same boring "abusive" insults thrown at me... As if they have the right to dictate how people spend their free time. Don''t say I didn''t warn you in the disclaimer ;-p

Anyway.... As I was saying: I think being 3 points out on 14/20 teams isn''t bad going. Unfortunately, dropping the 2 points against Stoke means my accuracy for Norwich is, for the 1st time, in that minority (-4). Only 3 of those 6 are bottom 11 sides... Stoke (+7) and West Ham (+8) are the other 2. Both of them, plus Villa (+3), Cardiff (=), Sunderland (-1), WBA (-1) and Fulham (-3) all finished below us in the original predictions and they are either not as behind target as us or ahead of target... This is also the first time since I started this Norwich have dropped into bottom 3. My accuracy this week means only the bottom 4 move places from before this round of fixtures... Cardiff survive at our expense...

= 01 Man C 88 -3

= 02 Chelsea 87 =

= 03 Arsenal 79 -4

= 04 Liverpool 78 +6


= 05 Spurs 74 -1

= 06 Man U 70 -4

= 07 Everton 65 -1

= 08 Southampt. 55 -1

= 09 Newcastle 53 +1

= 10 Hull 43 +3

= 11 West Ham 42 +8

= 12 Palace 40 +3

= 13 Swansea 38 -3

= 14 Villa 37 +3

= 15 Stoke 37 +7

= 16 Sunderland 34 -1

+1 17 Cardiff 34 =


-1 18 NORWICH 32 -4

+1 19 WBA 30 -1

-1 20 Fulham 30 -3

In my worst-case-scenario predictions, made with depleated faith... I gave Southampton the win... Despite having lost near-all hope... I''m gonna stick with all predictions except ours... Yeah... Why not? Clinging to blind hope is much less of a negative vibe... I still can''t see us winning so I''m gonna say we''ll draw after being ahead again. I''ve already predicted the results so now just to attatch some scorelines...


Southampton 1-1 Norwich

Hull 1-3 Man C

Fulham 2-4 Newcastle

Villa 0-3 Chelsea

Everton 2-1 Cardiff

Stoke 2-2 West Ham

*would rather West Ham win than Stoke

Sunderland 0-2 Palace

*would rather Palace win than Sunderland

Swansea 1-0 WBA

*this is actually another deviation from the original predictions... Originally I said a draw but I''m not just being hopeful... It''s just a gut feeling.


Man U 3-4 Liverpool

Spurs 3-2 Arsenal

Hughton''s league results:

W: 17/66 (25.76%) D: 21/66 (31.82%) L: 28/66 (42.42%)

Current, Last Season, 1st season up, Last Relegated from EPL

Pos. W. D. L. GF. GA. GD. Pts.

C: 15th. 7. 8. 14. 22. 44. -22. 29

LS: 13th. 7. 12. 10. 27. 45. -18. 33

1st: 13th. 9. 9. 11. 39. 46. -7. 36

LR: 19th. 3. 11. 15. 29. 58. -29. 20

Attacking rank:

C: 18th LS: 18th 1st: 8th LR: 18th

Defensive rank:

C: 18th LS: 14th 1st: 15th LR: 20th

Goals per game:

C: 0.76 LS: 0.93 1st: 1.34 LR: 1.00

Failed to score:

C: 38% LS: 38% 1st: 24% LR: 41%

Scored twice or more:

C: 3 (10%) LS: 6 (21%) 1st: 12 (41%) LR: 8 (28%)

Don''t worry ... I haven''t forgot the 8 points from 12 from Hull, Newcastle, Man C and Spurs... But the 17 points from 45 available, in the remaining games against bottom 11 clubs (including 0 from Villa, plus the nature of the 4-1 defeat)... Plus the absolute thrashings from Man City, Liverpool and Arsenal too, they all hold more weight IMO... It is like 2 steps forward and 22 steps back... And the only thing that''s constistant is the struggle to score goals! Just because I''m resigned to it seeming we''re stuck with him for now, doesn''t mean I have to keep shtum about him. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it. Fingers crossed for next weekend... And if you ever feel a bit blue... Just think back to how good we were just 2-4 seasons ago ;-) OTBC

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Blimey RTFC, that was a lot for a Sunday morning!

You''ve put a helluva lot of work in there.

I am now going out for the day, so will contribute only this, to your detailed post,

I didn''t think Redmond played all that well yesterday! ;)

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Lol thanks man.... Better than ya average comment I tend to get on my posts like this haha

Each to their own... I saw moments of flair and hardwork and willingness and hunger.... I just think he''s class and yet has massive room for improvement too :-)

Enjoy your day... Sposed to be 16-17°c today!

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