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I have stayed quiet all season, watched every game and monitored everyone’s opinions but ENOUGH is ENOUGH. My memories of Hughton:

Selling Grant Holt

His forward line signings not having any impact

Most strikers seem to have a goal draught under him

Bassong has been full of errors

We can’t score more than one goal – basically all season

We can’t defend

We can’t fight back from going down

No spirit, or fight to win back ball

Heads drop soon as we concede

He doesn’t play the best players – Hoolahan

Plays players out of position

Rubs fans up the wrong way since all he does is talk up the opposition

No fighting talk, no inspiration

Cannot make substitutions

None of his subs have had a single impact all season (Oh wait, today, fair play Elm)

Cannot take advantage of opposition being down to 10 men.

Wrong Captain decision

Losing 7-0 and keeping his job….

No leaders on pitch

All he shouts is: Go on Go on Go on Go on, Get’em out, Get’em out – 500k for that.

But forget about all of above, as some of you will surely disagree with some of these points, but the facts are:


Any half decent CEO knows that.

McNally is seriously at fault here. The fans have given everyone at the club enough alarm bells all season…

Its just so sad to see that this clubs management is so impotent that they wait until its too late or need two poor chaps nerves to break down to a point they have to run on the pitch and make a huge scene, be banned for life, for the greater good of the future of club.

Make no doubt, NCFC fans are the best and will continue to support their team, but these performances are just…


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Enough is enough is enough

I can''t go on, I can''t go on no more no

Enough is enough is enough

I want him out, I want him out that door now

I feel your pain AA. And hope it hasn''t driven you back to the drink.

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