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Tetteys Jig

Championship Squad Squeeze

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I was thinking about our possible relegation (go on, shoot me down, but it''s time to get real folks as it may happen) and the players that would be here next season.

As usual when teams go down, their "stars" all leave and it''s a good time for the youngsters to get some game time while a couple of wise heads are usually brought in to help the transition to a different style of football.

We have a couple of problems here. Our youth team is arguably the best it''s ever been and there are a number of promising players that will be chomping at the bit to be given their chance. The Murphys, Loza, Rudd, McGeechan, Morris, Adel, the list goes on. Decent youngsters that have shone at youth level and even some at lower league level.

There''s about 5-10 players capable of helping us out in the championship.

Then it''s inevitable our "stars" will leave.

I''d say this only applies to Ruddy, Fer and then possibly Snoddy, Olsson, Bassong, RVW (for his past success) and Redmond. We''re still left with about 20 odd players that would mostly expect first team football at the lower level.

Add as well to that the fact we haven''t got any real leaders in the squad and Hughton would most likely lose his job, we would have to bolster in summer with a couple of wise heads and a couple of the new managers choice of player, we''re at about 30 players all with good arguements as to why they should start. Perhaps it might prove a hassle trying to keep them all happy.

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