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nutty nigel

Rays Funds for the CSF with the Pink un Pickers Week 31

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[quote user="PurpleCanary"][quote user="PurpleCanary"]Snodgrass at 16-1 to be the first goalscorer looks a decent bet. Best wishes to Tilly for his recovery.[/quote]For the main bet to the German Oberliga, Schleswig-Holstein Division.Lubeck to win at home against Husumer SV.Lubeck with a 10-1-0 and 41/7 home record. Husumer with a 1-4-8 and 18/43 away record.Good luck to all![/quote]Aaarrgghh! This Lubeck game is listed on Soccerway for tomorrow but seems to be being played tonight. I will switch to Serbia and to Crvena Zvezda to win at home against Radnički Kragujevac.

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Something a bit different, so off to Wales for me where I expect The New saints to be too strong at home to Camarthen Town.As for Norwich bet - as we are both fairly "nice" teams, I would go for a card bet and suggest the game will finish with under 45 points (where yellow == 10 and red = 25)

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Tilly was chuffed to look after the Norwich bet for us this weekend. I took all our selections to the hospital and he studied them intently before instructing me to place : -


£1 on Southampton -1 @ 2.025 to return £2.02

Jonathan Howson to score anytime @ 7/1 to return £8

Robert Snodgrass to score the first goal @ 16/1 to return £17

Southampton to win 2-0 @ 13/2 to return £7.50

Gary Hooper to score anytime @ 3/1 to return £4


And he wrote this message to everyone : -


"Can I just say I''ve been overwhelmed by the amount of kind messages received. Once I''m home a proper thankyou will be posted





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[quote user="norfolkchance1"]Ive looked through all the selections and have toyed with different options and have moved some in and out of my final list. But Ive eventually come up with these as my final picks:

Wolves to beat Shrewsbury

Leicester to beat Blackpool

QPR to beat Yeovil

Salzburg to beat Wolfsberger

Athletico Madrid to beat Espanyol

Rotherham to beat Walsall (my pick)

Thankyou to everybody who made choices and gave me stats and reasons hopefully we can win!

For the Norwich bet I wouldnt be surprised if we win with Wes Hoolahan to score anytime maybe. Good luck Tilly, and hope your feeling better.

Good luck everyone![/quote]


Thank you for these Craig. Somehow I managed to miss this post earlier!! They look a terrific final six. All we need is that little bit of luck that we always need to get them all. I''ve placed the bet with Bill Hill and the potential return is  £79.83. Here are the details : -





3:00 Sat

Sid, AJ, JB, Beaus, Mandie



3:00 Sat




3:00 Sat




3:00 Sat


Atletico Mad


9:00 Sat




3:30 Sun

Trent, Meth

Good luck everyone. As Statto always says here''s hoping for a PUPs win and a City win[Y]



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Bit late again this week - I will go for Cambridge to beat Dartford in the Conference.Good luck NC1, and Tilly''s match bet of course - great to hear he''s on the mend and hopefully he will be back home sooner rather than later.

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Sorry here also, don''t know where my weekdays are going.

Could you put me down for Leicester to bean Blackpool please nutty ?

Good luck all, and great news about Tilly.

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I''m really late. it''s been a mad week ~ sorry!

I''m going for a home win for Roma v. Udinese.

Good Luck, norfolkchance1!

Good Luck to Tilly ~ it''s good to hear he''s on the mend.

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So sorry mega mega late. My pick for this week:


Good Luck NFC1 and all you Lovely PUPs great picks!

Good Luck Tilly with the Norwich bet and pleased to hear you are doing well

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One of Tillys bets win! Thats something at least.
But unfortunately the two League One sides both draw and let down Norfolkchance1''s very decent looking final six.

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Yes well done Tilly for at least salvaging something and adding £2.03 to the kitty. Strangely even that appeared lost until Tettey slipped!


Unlucky Norfolkchance. League One teams chose this week to let us down.


We''ll be back with all guns blazing next week[Y]



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It wasnt to be this week unfortunately, really enjoyed the job of picking and choosing the selections. Thanks for everybodys input and support whoever does next weeks and we''ll be winning again soon!

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Spot on Norfolk. When it''s not meant to be we take it on the chin and move on. The stats show how difficult it was. 38 PUPs picked with 26(68%) successful. Of the 25 different selections 18(72%) won. Trent carries on relentlessly unbeaten after 31 weeks at the top of our league. Broadslim and Scooby are on his tail ready for any slip. Here''s the latest PUPs league showing those with at least 50% correct from at least half the available weeks : -



31 31 100%
Norfolkbroadslim 30 31 97%
Scooby 30 31 97%
Statto 28 30 93%
Hissing Sid 28 31 90%
Meth Canary 24 27 89%
Cosmic Twin 27 31 87%
Twidio 20 23 87%
Beauseant 25 29 86%
GMF 25 29 86%
Graham Humphrey 25 29 86%
Herman 24 28 86%
Leedscanary 18 21 86%
PurpleCanary  26 31 84%
Inch High 25 30 83%
Hector 24 29 83%
CD Mullins 19 23 83%
Swindon 23 28 82%
Til 1010 22 27 81%
Chelle 25 31 81%
Jellytot 20 25 80%
gravycanaries 23 29 79%
Hughesy 18 23 78%
Javier''s Deaf Translator 18 23 78%
I''m A Banana 24 31 77%
Kathy 24 31 77%
nutty nigel 24 31 77%
1st Wazzock 18 24 75%
Diesel Doris 23 31 74%
Norfolkchance1 23 31 74%
NCFCStar 17 23 74%
NWC 17 23 74%
Warren Hill 14 19 74%
Mandie Moo 20 28 71%
Mr Angry 22 31 71%
Yankee Canary 22 31 71%
Vindo 19 27 70%
Snake-eyes 16 23 70%
jb 21 31 68%
AJ 18 27 67%
gregt 18 27 67%
Killie Canary 12 18 67%
Ginger Pele 19 31 61%
Splutcho 14 24 58%
Newcastle Uni Canary 15 26 58%
Newyorkcanary 9 16 56%
Mandie Moo''s Mear Kat  15 27 56%


And here''s Ray''s updated signature after Tilly''s win on the Norwich match : -


Carve their names with

pride.Yankee,5,Fellas,3,P''boro,2,Mr Chops,2,NewYork,2, Inch High,3,

Blahblahblah, NCFC_Shaun, 1st Wazzock,3, Fonejacker,3, Norfolkbroadslim,2,

Norfolkchance1,2, Scooby,3, Trent Canary,2, Cosmic Twin,2, Graham Humphrey,

Leedscanary,2, NcfcStar, Herman, Delia’s Devonshire Dirtbox, Lappinitup,

Statto, Mandie Moo, Mr Bump, Kathy, Til1010, Snake-eyes, Vindo, NWC, Hughesy.

Gregt yes Norfolkchance1 £2038 for the Academy, and £387 for the Community

Sports Foundation.



And with the Norwich match

bet. Splutcho, jb, Javier’s Deaf Translator, Hector Brockelbank, Blahblahblah,

Can u sit down please, Til1010, yes PUPs £65 for the CSF making a total of

£2490 raised in total so far.



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