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VMan Canary

Thinking about chucking my away ticket for Fulham in the bin

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Not a regular poster on here but need

somewhere to vent my frustration about today’s game.

The problem with the loss today and the ones

before today is that from now to the end of the season any team that plays us

when we are away from home will see the game as a guaranteed 3 points including

Fulham who have already beaten us this season. I don’t think anybody needs

reminding of the last 3 trips there (6 nil 2-1 and 5-0) Whether we beat West

Brom next week or not Fulham will now no doubt see the game against us a

possible opportunity to get on a role and get some confidence. If we fail to

win next week then I can’t see how we will get any points from the rest of the


Last season I was firmly in the "Hughton

In" camp and felt a lot of the criticism directed at him was unfair and

thought there was a lot of unnecessary negativity on this board but you are

only ever as good as your last game and even though there have been some very

special results under Hughton (ones that I will never forget) for every good

result there have been 2 bad ones. It’s not just the results or the defeats but

the manner of them. The only positive thing I can say is that we have not spent

more than1 week in the bottom 3 because of our home form but that will be no

good come the end of the season if we are in the bottom 3 on the final day.

I thought Hughton got all wrong today. Just because

we had a winning team at home last week does not mean we should have kept the

same team this week. Horses for courses I say. We should not have gone to

Swansea away from home with a four man midfield and tried to play them at their

own game as we do not have the quality to do that in the midfield to do that.

We should have packed the midfield, pressed and harried them and stopped them

from playing their natural game we have done this so well the last 2 seasons !

We surrendered nearly 60 percent possession today and that''s ok if you are disrupting their pattern of play so you can can counter attack. Yes I am sure if we had

played with a 5 man midfield and got the same result people would of said why

did Hughton change things but I don’t think trying to play "keep

ball" against a "keep ball side" was the answer today.

Do I really want to go and waste an afternoon

for more of the same and being miserable at craven cottage in 2 weeks time ?

Before anyone says "get behind the team blah blah blah" I have been

to several way games this year and seen us lose every single one.I love my team but everbody has their limits.

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