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Buzz Killington

Training methods

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Obviously, after every away game now (apart from 2) we''re told how the players didn''t do what they were supposed to, or something''s to that effect. It is hard to see why they would do that away, and not at home, but we''ll never know, I guess. One (other) thing that''s bothering me with our situation, is surely if we now have 6 games to save our pl status, something should have changed in training. We''re always told they other team look sharper than us, or they happened to be on their game, and we were not. I can''t believe Swansea, who have struggled in the league all season too, can be sharper than us, when they''ve played a lot more games than we have, regularly travelling around Europe for midweek games. If we can''t be sharp for a game a week after our last, when we''ve bowed out of every other competition with a whimper, then we never will be. I''d suggest that our training methods are no good. What more could we have had last week to pump up the team? 3 points against a rival, a decent performance, and a week to prepare. I would suggest that this could be partly responsible for some of the injuries we''ve suffered. I''m so fed up of this season. It could have been so much more enjoyable.

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