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Katie Borkins

Park the bus, cross your fingers

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For the love of God, I''m fuming about that there "performance" today by our lads. Reckon that if you''re not going to try and win games at home then you want to be penalised a goal for not trying to win, that''d sort the men from the boys alright and give us the entertainment and goals we all crave.  Plus we''d have probably lost and Houghton would have been shown the door.  That''s time this negative anti-football was kicked out of our ground, further than one of those Askou headers that went over the City Stand roof. I had Man City as the banker on a five match accumulator and the other

four results came in and all.  That would have been two hundred quid in

Bor''s back pocket, and I''d have reinvested that in a few pints and a

good old massage.Still, reckon I want to say well done the players and the fans, that''s not your fault.

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