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In defence of Hughton

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OK, here goes.......

When I posted before Christmas that this felt just like the 2004 relegation under Worthington I was heavily ridiculed, yet I still feel that. I have thought that relegation is going to happen since games like Villa (h) and Hull (a).

We can''t consistently get everyone on the pitch doing their jobs. Normally reliable players are making mistakes and leadership is poor, both on and off the pitch. The chance to change that is gone. I was very much a Hughton "outer" but now we have missed the boat he has to stay to see it through to a conclusion. I actually suspect he will be given a chance to get us back up as well. (Remembering that the famous 7 year plan had us being relegated and promoted again before establishing us as a PL team)

However, I don''t actually think our position is Hughton''s fault. Yes, he is negative by nature but it is the players who are responsible. Ruddy & Hooper hope to play for England yet can''t play properly for Norwich and several others are also clearly not doing what they are paid for.

Fer and RVW have both struggled to settle. Hooper is not yet sharp enough for PL defences, Redmonds final ball is still usually poor. Snodgrass has been consistently weak plus we have had bad injuries at critical times (Howson, Tettey, Turner but most importantly Bennett, who has not been replaced).

I have absolutely no doubt that we will be relegated and that Hughton will then be sacked. The main culprits will all get their moves back to the PL and we will probably languish in the Chumps for another 5 years or so before we get our next day in the sun.

Yes, it hurts but we are Norwich and that''s what we do. But it is the fault of the players mostly and the manager a little, not the other way around.

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