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Mark .Y.


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Come on everybody - lighten up....................

This is not the complete disaster it is being made out to be.

I can see Palace and So''ton drawing and So''ton drawing at home to Man Utd last game of the season, so only 2 more points for them. If we assume (only an assumption, I know) that WBA will get nothing from Man U or Arsenal that leaves them with only 3 more points than their current total. Palace could get a win at Charlton obviously, but.............

if we make sure we beat Brum, hopefully we will be in pole position going into the last day.

Then of course - we must win at Fulham in case Palace win at Charlton or So''ton do pull off an unlikely win against Man U.

I know our away record is appalling but nobody can ask for any more from their last game of the season than playing a club in the bottom half of the league which has nothing more to play for. 


Mark .Y.

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