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An old military adage.

Hope to survive but plan for relegation.

Need to make plans for 200%+ drop in revenue from around £80m to £30m.

Could not afford salaries of current squad on that income, unless there are the rumoured relegation clauses which seem unlikely that signings like Fer, RVW, Bassong and Olsson would agree.

Need to look at saving that is easiest to achieve by selling your better assets, we will be stuck with the lower achievers in which to fashion a Championship side provided they are contracted.

Who is saleable?

John Ruddy maybe but Chelsea will not be offering £5m next season after JR has had such poor season. Maybe get £2 to £3m.

Leroy Fer definitely saleable but may only get back what we paid unlikely to get £10m which is what we consider he is worth.

Seb Bassong with his record with getting clubs relegated may need to keep with his big salary

Martin Olsson our best opportunity to make money.

Robert Snodgrass £5m offered by West Ham has gone now might get back the £3m we paid from Celtic.

Anthony Pilkington courted by Liverpool and Swansea could attain £3m offered.

Nathan Redmond should achieve a profit here I doubt his salary is too much because of his age.

Gary Hooper his value has seriously declined may need to sell to get salary off the books take a significant loss.

RVW if anyone offered £3m bite their hands off.

May need to get all off the books if we are not to sink back into debt.

Keep all the others except for Turner and Bunn as out of contract clever lads signed on for 2 years only.

Expect to see the much vaunted Grade 1 academy to be thrown to the dogs.

And we can see some redundancies in the offing.

McNally may resign making a large saving.

With all the changes we shall need to make don''t expect to see Premier League football for many a year that will satisfy those who abhor the greed of the Premier League.

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could we not try keeping them. If we went down (although i don''t think we will but plan for the worst) surely we need those players to get back up

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