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darn those pesky other results

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Not-So-Mystic Mat''s progress report... Chapter 1: damn those pesky other results...

As some may be aware... Along with others, I''ve made a hypothetical scenario to predict the rest of the season. To remind [;-)] you of the end result... Here''s how my "worste case scenario" (as in lose last 5) bottom 11 looks:

Swansea (points: 41)

Hull (40)

Palace (37)


Sunderland (35)

Villa (34)*

West Ham (34)*

Cardiff (34)*

Fulham (33)

West Brom (31)

Stoke (30)

*= GD of 2 games ago

Over the last 20 results... My success rate has been 35% lol but it gets worse...

Just like I hinted to in my epic novel, the only other top 9 teams to play bottom 11s both (yes, both) drew their games. Fulham - Man U is nearly as freak of a result as ours IMO. The remaining 4 results were not draws either; meaning 2 teams gained 2 points on us while 2 teams lost 1 (my strongest thought regarding the fact other teams will be playing eachother at the end). So just like last round, we were screwed by other results. This is how my bottom 11 looks with those results in mind...

Hull (44)

Palace (40)

West Ham (39)

Swansea (38)

Cardiff (37)

Sunderland (34)*

Stoke (34)*


Fulham (34)*

Villa (33)

West Brom (28)

*= current GD

So despite still buzzin from an awesome result... I''m still very much concerned.... Given our goal prowess, I don''t want it to have to rely on GD or goals scored!

I had quite a big argument with an army of people telling me the tough run-in (the toughest) means nothing.... Not only does our consistant performance need to improve drastically, we need our luck in other results to turn too.

Lets hope my accuracy improves... Should go without saying: Wouldn''t mind taking a knocking on our result predictions

Oh and don''t worry... You wont have to put up with this after every game lol

OTBC CTID POA SHO [Still Hughton Out ;-)]

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So what are your forecats for the next round of games?


(Don''t ask me for mine, a glance at the Rays Funds PUPs league will tell you all you need to know)



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I had a look at the pup thread..... On my crappy slow phone it was hard work. Can you sum up what it''s about? I got: involves working together to pick good bets to place to raise money for charity? And going from there''s a league and you saying I could find your predictions (i couldnt btw) then also competition against each other for prediction accuracy?

Anyway... I''ll post what I thought 2 games ago and now here (only an hour until no more internet :-(

Us v hammers: I thought a narrow defeat for us. Now: still fear the same.... They''re doing better than I gave credit for. Actually.... As this is just about what I think now... I''m gonna say 1-1

Still think Man C will beat Sunderland. Hmm... 3-1

Still think Arsenal will beat Man U... Just be tighter than I thought... I''ll say 2-1

Still think Chelsea will thrash West Brom.... Lets go 4-0

I gave Fulham the surprise draw here.... But despite them doing it to United, Liverpool look way tougher.... 2-0 Liverpool

I actually gave Palace the win over Everton (to factor realism of surprise results) .... Heck, lets stick with it: 2-1 win for Palace

Spurs v Newcastle I said a draw... But now think Spurs win 3-0

Again, for realism: gave Hull the win over Southampton... Cant actually see it.... Lets go: 0-0

I said Stoke will draw with Swansea.... Lets go 2-2

I wished for Cardiff to beat Villa.... Out of spite: 1-0 win to Cardiff

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The Pink

Un Message Board''s Rays Funds Thread: -



threads were set up by my good friend Ray Ducker (Arrdee) to raise money for

the Academy. There’s a new thread every week where Pink Un Pickers (PUPs) from

all over the world unite to try and get a winning line of six correct results from

the weekends football fixtures. As from August 2013 we have been raising money

for the Community Sports Foundation. Us PUPs all decided that whilst the

academy has so much investment our funds didn’t make a difference in the way

they had in the past. The football club supported us through the change and

support us the same now as when the funds went to the academy.



How It

Works : -



Wednesday during the season I start the new weeks thread. The ''Pink Un Pickers''

(PUPs) then select their ''nap bet'' for the weekends football fixtures that are

listed on Bet365. On the Friday evening the nominated picker from our PUPs rota

selects 6 results from the weeks picks. I then place the bet and post the bet

and the odds on here by the Saturday lunchtime. The PUPs rota is made up of the

previous seasons top 40.


This used

to be sponsored but it''s financed by the PUPs themselves. There is no

requirement to pay to play but obviously we need £400 per season. These

donations are made to me personally or via paypal on canaryeddie@aol.com. This is also the email address

for anyone who wishes to contact me.



season an anonymous benefactor has funded a match bet where the PUPs who won’t

be making the final selections this season have chosen how to spend a fiver on

the weekend’s Norwich game. Again suggestions are made on the thread from which

the week’s nominated picker can make a choice or go with their own.



Have we

won? : -


So far

there have been 52 winning weeks, and 6 more with the match bet, in which we

have won £2038 for the academy and £409 for the CSF making £2447 in total.

There have been plenty of near misses too and the ''Pink Un Pickers'' have had a

lot of fun trying.



Want To

Take Part? : -




register with the Pink Un Message Board and post your very best selection on

the thread which is up every Wednesday during the season. It''s as simple as


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Well, its what I have said all along. Our fate relies on other teams messing up. We will not manage 38-40 points on our own.

I have watched out for "good results" for us all season, and we have very little luck. Palace could well have drawn all of tveir last 3 home wins, still they edged their wins.

Bottom clubs drawing against eachother is the dream result for us.

Last season we were very lucky with such results, other dhit teams drawing against other shit trams, meaning 1 point lost in thin air. This season we are not so lucky, and it could prove to be our downfall.

That said, had we beaten Fulham, Cardiff at home we would be in a pretty good state for the run in. Failing to best shit teams at home costs us

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I''ve always thought we''d stay up despite Hughton... But only because of other teams doing worse. And no matter what happens it''s gonns be tight. I''d much rather have (& think we should have now) a much tighter grip on our own survival....

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We have had this conversation before Mathew

If we want to stay in the premier league then we would always have to rely on at least 3 teams doing worse than us regardless of our own form

That''s how a league table works...

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Well yeah Yobocop... But A) my point is we should be much more capabable of ensuring as many teams as possible finish below us BECAUSE of our form, not irrespective of it. B) in season 1 of top flight we got 11 points from 18 from the 3 relegated teams. Last season we got 9. This season... Look at this...

5 teams below us in the as it stands form table.

16th Hull and 17th Newcastle are above us in the league.

From them we have 4/12 points.

18th Cardiff 19th Fulham 20th WBA

From them 3 teams we have 4/12 points.

Total 8 from 24 ... Or 33% success

From the 4 teams below us in the as it stands league table:

We have managed 5 points from 15...

Or 33% success

everything but clean sheets (which counts for nothing without goals and wins) is on the decline... How can this be accaptable? I do think we''re stuck with him til we drop in bottom three... The point in it being too late to sack him may have already passed.... Survival is the only way we can keep good players and get good replacement. I still want him out asap mind...

On my original predictions, the only 1 I got right was ours :-( ... Even got that wrong on revised predictions lol

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Lets hope so :-)

Here''s 4 bad results to watch out for...

Stoke beat Swansea

Everton dont keep a clean sheet or worse still: dont win

Man C slip up again to a bottom 11 club and fail to win

Fulham avoids defeat.

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[quote user="RodneyTrottersFC"]Lets hope so :-)

Here''s 4 bad results to watch out for...

Stoke beat Swansea

Everton dont keep a clean sheet or worse still: dont win

Man C slip up again to a bottom 11 club and fail to win

Fulham avoids defeat.[/quote]

Both results tonight just what was needed.[:D]

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