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Don't write us off yet...

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I don''t usually like these prediction games but I''m going to try it just to try and cheer myself up. We may have just lost to a last minute goal against one of our relegation rivals but the fact is there are two games left to play and only one point seperating the bottom four teams. We are by no means written off yet!


Crystal Palace

(H) Southampton - Possible win but Southampton will have renewed confidence after their win over us. A draw is a very, very real possibility

(A) Charlton - Tough game at the Valley. Given Charlton''s lacklustre finish to the campaign they will be desperate to give their home fans reason for cheer on the last day.

I''d say Palace will probably take four points out of those two games finishing on 35

West Brom

(H) Arsenal - No chance. Arsenal need to make their game in hand over ManUre count.

(A) Man Utd - We beat them but I think it will be a different story for Brom at Old Trafford. Surely a home win.

(H) Portsmouth - Very winnable and Pompey will probably want to see Southampton relegated and won''t be too dissapointed if they lose.

I''d suggest West Brom will only take three points from their remaining three games. Four maximum. West Brom finish on 33.


(A) Palace - Tough one for them but I think they could get a point. As long as Palace don''t beat Charlton on the last game of the season a Palace win might be OK.

(H) Man Utd - They will go into this game knowing they need to win. Man Utd won''t be too keen to have another "embarrassment" like they did against us so I''m sure that coupled with Southampton''s nerves and frail defence United will take all three points

Southampton to finish on 32 points. 35 maximum.


And then there''s us. I really believe that if we win both of our last two games we can stay up. I can''t see any other team winning their last two. We can do it!

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