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Mr Nice Guy Hughton

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Something I''ve been wondering for a while - and just thought I''d put it out there - but where does Hughton''s ''Nice Guy'' moniker actually come from? It seems his name cannot be mentioned without the tagline "he''s a nice guy".I most wonder because Gunn, Lambert, Rioch, Walker, Hamilton and many others seemed like funny, erudite guys but they never earnt that label. One of the sticks used to beat Worthington was that he was too pally with certain players and board members and so his ''nicety'' was used as a negative. I think the only manager we''ve ever had who was a proper jerk was a certain Mr Roeder. "Impatient" Lambert built a fantastic rapport and will-to-win out of his squad and they clearly loved playing for him.Since Hughton''s been here, he''s frozen previously first-team players out of the squad (Fox, Surman, Ward etc), clearly seemed to upset Holt, has clearly upset Hoolahan, has clearly upset Becciwho, appears (imo) to have drained confidence out of the squad and appears (imo) to have his favourite XI and doesn''t utilise rotation policies to keep people happy.Now this is all his prerogative and I''m not trying to start yet another debate on his managerial qualities.I''m just genuinely interested to know who, when and why he got the Nice Guy nickname. Is it just from how nice he is to the opposition in pre- and post-match interviews?

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