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Just another scare-mongering stat-fest

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So... I found myself bored again..... So why not compare us to 8 other relegation "favorites":

Points against top 9:

Sunderland 14/33 42.42%

West Brom 13/42 30.95%

Stoke 10/39 25.64%

West Ham 6/33 18.18%

Hull 7/39 17.95%

NORWICH 6/36 16.67%

Cardiff 5/36 13.89%

Palace 1/33 3.03%

Fulham 1/39 2.56%

Against fellow fodder:

Palace 22/36 61.11%

Hull 18/33 54.55%

Fulham 16/30 53.33%

NORWICH 18/36 50%

Cardiff 13/30 43.33%

West Ham 14/33 42.42%

Stoke 12/30 40%

West Brom 10/27 37.04%

Sunderland 9/33 27.27%

Notice how a lot of them swap ends? I interpret that to mean we''re consantly poor, as opposed to having better spells and diar spells... Personally I''d prefer the latter... Anyway...

At first I was quite chuffed to not be in either bottom 3... And being 4th in the second one was a pleasant surprise.... However, we managed 1 from 9 against Fulham and Cardiff.... And Cardiff are the only team below us in both tables :-s

I can''t wait for this season to be over.... Too much worry.... Here''s to hoping for survival and starting afresh with a new manager next season

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